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Friday, October 31, 2003
It's About The Fans

In the summer of 1996, while working an engineering internship in Boston, MA, I jokingly hacked in to my girlfriend's college internet account, just for the fun of it and to learn a little bit about putting pages on the web.

I never imagined what would come of it.

I created a site under the name "Clutch" (see: Who Is Clutch?) and started writing my thoughts about my top obsession: The Houston Rockets. I called the site "Clutch City '97". I would write goofy features like "Super Mario's World", recap every single game and post articles from news outlets across the country.

Fans came flooding in, the site built up news credibility and the rest is pretty much history. While the site has gone by a variety of names, including "ClutchCity" (See: Why The Name Change?), over the past 7+ years it has not only been your Houston Rockets Fan Information Source, but the best NBA team fan site on the internet. Period.

What makes the site so special is it is fueled entirely by passion. No money exchanged, no bosses to impress, no asses kissed -- simply diehard and loyal Rockets fans giving the honest dish and coming together to form one of the largest sports communities on the web.

And that's exactly what this site is about: The fans.

What will you find on the site? Just about everything a growing Rocket fan needs. Headlines, news stories, original game recaps, box scores dating back to 1991, stats dating back to the San Diego Rockets, full opponent histories, player profiles for every single Rocket in history, in-depth draft and summer league coverage and a legendary BBS forum with about enough Houston fans to fill the Toyota Center.

While demands on my time have grown exponentially, making it more difficult to maintain the site, the traffic on the site has grown at an even greater rate. The site is spitting out hundreds of gigs of transfer a month. What does that mean? It means while the site is an expensive monster, and gives off a professional feel, it's still a single fan trying to balance it all with help from other fans. It's not sponsored nor affiliated with the NBA or the Rockets in any way. It's paid for by me and the fans who choose to contribute to keep ClutchFans going.

If you choose to help out, that is extremely well appreciated. If not, that's OK too. The goal is to keep the site as free as possible for all Rocket fans.

So enjoy. If you find an error, have a suggestion or you just want to tell me what you think about the site, I'd love to hear from you.

Thanks for continuing to make the site the best online place for Rocket fans, and as always, stay clutch.