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"I know for me, I wanted to come out and play, but I was just thinking about getting everyone involved. Once we get comfortable with one another, we're going to be tough."

    -- Tracy McGrady after the Rockets 87-79 loss to Detroit to open the 2004-2005 season

"It feels good to get my first playoff victory, especially when it comes here. It just feels great. We're not going to get caught up in it, because we know what kind of team they are. We're not going to get overconfident. We're going to run our stuff and stay poised. I'm not satisfied. None of us is satisfied. But hey, we really wanted this."

"That's a play I know Steve makes all the time. I was ready. I knew once he got to the hole, if he didn't have the shot, he would look for me there. When I let it go, I thought it was in. I thought it was in."

"Every team needs to let the other team know that no matter what happened with the score they are not going to be a pushover. I'm coming here to bring some energy and extra power. The fans of Houston, they want to see their team get back in the playoffs and do what they did in the 90s. Jeff is bringing that attitude back to Houston."

"Yao Ming is the second-best force in the game and Steve Francis is one of the top guards, so they should be pretty good. I like what they've done with their defense. They've won some big games recently."

"Hakeem is No. 1 to me because he had the total package. He got better as his career went on. Most players get better in years one through five then sort of level off. He got better in years eight, nine, 10, and beyond. He had everything. Jump hooks. Fadeaways. Crossovers. He could shoot a three if he wanted to, and he played great defense."

    -- Former Rocket and current Spur Robert Horry, who has been a teammate of Hakeem Olajuwon, Shaquille O'Neal and Tim Duncan, when asked which of the three was the best player

"There is nothing you can do against him. If you beat him up, he's a good free throw shooter so he gets to the line and makes them. If you don't beat him up, he's tough to stop."

"He's so much stronger and tougher than he was last year. A couple of times, I went to box him out and he just slipped right around me. He's not supposed to be that big and that quick, too."

"He has those big legs and such a strong base. And when he raises those arms up, he's almost 12 foot tall. He just has so many skills, man."

"You can't stop him from getting his position. Wherever he wants to go on the court, he's going there. He's that big. I don't even think Shaq (O'Neal) can stop him from getting his position on the court. The guy is a beast."

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