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"He's not a leader. That's the mistake we made last year. That guy is never going to lead. He's a nice player. But he's just a role player. He fits in. That's what he's doing here. Last year he came to Houston and had career lows in just about every statistical category and everybody said he (was horrible). Now all of his numbers are even lower and people are saying how great he is. He is the same player."

    -- Charles Barkley, telling it exactly how it is when it comes to Scottie Quitten.

"I wasn't going out there to shake his hand or have anything phony to say to that guy. I thought we were friends, but he showed that we obviously weren't and so I gave up my captaincy for the night."

    -- Charles Barkley, one of the captains of the Rockets, on Scottie Pippen when asked about why Barkley had Matt Bullard meet at halfcourt as a "captain" instead of Charles.

"Stop bitchin'! You better not be guarding me when you come out here 'cause I'm gonna bust your ass. You ain't in Houston and you're still crying like a (girl)!"

    -- Former Rocket Vernon Maxwell, currently with Seattle, to former Rocket and current Trail Blazer Scottie Pippen. Seems Pippen, who was on the bench, was complaining about Maxwell's physical play on Portland's Steve Smith, and Mad Max overheard the griping

"When point guards come to Houston now, they go to sleep the night before. They don't go to the movies, they don't go out, because they know they're going to be in for a game. He (Francis) is the answer. They don't have to worry about a point guard for the next 10 years"

    -- Former Rocket and current TNT analyst Kenny Smith on the Rockets' point guard Steve Francis

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