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"Obviously, not too many teams have a weapon like that other than the Lakers. The guy is so big and skilled, it's unbelievable. He's a big guy with great hands, great touch and he makes you look good."

"I think I need to get some more eyes to see where he is going to pass the ball. There's a phrase from China that's similar to 'manna from heaven.' It is, 'Something good to eat falls from the sky.' When he passes, it's like that. "

"It opened the floor for them. Scott Padgett and Mo Taylor have to be honored from the top of the circle. When we heard that Cato was not going to be in there, I said, 'Darn.'"

"I was a little disappointed about leaving Houston because it's home but I have nothing but the utmost respect for the Rockets organization. Those guys gave me my opportunity to get in the league, get my foot in the door."

"We have to rebuild the foundation of our team. I can't think of another team that struggles as much to guard the pick and roll as we do."

"His size is just unbelievable, man. It is always a good time when I can sit out there and watch a little bit, just look at him and the way he maneuvers out there. The skill level that he has with his size is unbelievable, being able to shoot the ball and pass and the things he does. It's always a treat to see a guy like that. I would hate to be 6-10 thinking I'm a big guy and have to play against him. He's 7-6 and he's all over the place. "

"Six, seven years from now, nobody's going to be able to stop this guy because he has a nice touch, he can turn around and shoot the ball, and he can move. There's not going to be a lot he can't do."

    -- Antonio Davis on November 16, 2003, speaking about playing Yao Ming

"Hakeem Olajuwon seemed to be a nice gentle guy ... until he was on the court dropping 50 on people"

    -- Jeff Van Gundy on Yao Ming needing to become more aggressive on the floor

"This is the nicest visiting locker room I've ever been in. If it's nice in here, then the home locker room must really be nice."

    -- Grizzlies forward Mike Miller on the new Toyota Center (November 1, 2003)

"I'm really proud of Moochie. I'm really proud of him for all the effort he's put in. And he's become more serious, too, about basketball. You know, I know he has a wonderful personality. But when you're known more from your personality than your game, you know your game needs attention."

    -- Jeff Van Gundy after Moochie Norris went from 210 pounds to 180 over the 2003 summer

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