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"Mooch has done a good job getting his weight down from last year. But I think his hair was eight or nine (pounds) of that."

    -- Steve Francis on Moochie Norris' weight loss over the summer of 2003

"In the five years I've been with the Rockets I think I've earned being the No. 1 option and I want to keep it that way"

    -- Steve Francis to the New York Post

"He's going to be a great player in this league. Once he gets some games under his belt and gets comfortable with the game, he's going to be unbelievable. And he just takes a lot out of you. He's so big and hard to double-team because he can just look over the double-team and pass out of that with ease. He rebounds. Guys do a great job playing off him when he passes the ball. He's a handful, man."

"He was 6-11, 260 pounds of sheer steel, built like a building with jumping ability and quickness to the ball on the second jump — not the first jump. The first jump was good, the second was better. That's what ruined everybody up front, that foot quickness and his ability to get back up on the glass with the second jump. When he is ranked among the great centers, he will always be in the top five."

    -- Basketball analyst and former coach Hubie Brown on Hakeem "The Dream" Olajuwon

"Houston, I'm come."

    -- Yao Ming, speaking in English to Rockets fans after being selected by the Rockets #1 in the 2002 NBA Draft

"Yao's Chinese national team will be soundly thrashed by the U.S. team tonight in an exhibition game in Oakland, but young Mr. Yao is likely to show enough to make you [Warriors' fans] run home and chump-slap your Mike Dunleavy bobblehead doll."

    -- Scott Ostler, San Francisco Chronicle

"I don't want another project, having to be patient in watching someone develop. Me and Steve have been going through that long enough. If Ming is ready to come and contribute, I'm all for it. Even though he's skinny, he's got really thick calves and thighs, and I like that. Plus, he throws a tremendous outlet pass, which will help our fastbreak. But if he's not ready, we need to get somebody that's ready."

    -- Cuttino Mobley on the Rockets possibly taking Yao Ming with the #1 pick in the draft

"They're hitting threes and laughing when they make a mistake. All right, it's cool. It ain't that funny when we come back and run it in your butt. How about that?"

    -- Cuttino Mobley after the Rockets came from 20 down to beat the Dallas Mavericks in overtime on April 11, 2002

"He's just a raging bull. He's one of the hardest to guard in the league at the 'four' spot. He had a tremendous game."

    -- Rudy Tomjanovich on Kenny Thomas after KT scored 6 big points in the final minutes to help the Rockets beat the Sonics 101-98

"Kenny Thomas is a super player and he's getting better all the time. He made a great play at the end and it really hurt us."

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