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Since 1996, ClutchFans has been a source of great pride for myself and everyone involved. As it has grown over the past six years, the demands on hosting have expanded dramatically. During that time, I have been reluctant to ask for the support of all the friends I have in this community. In 1996, some of the first visitors and fans here sent in some of their hard earned cash to help establish the name of the site and pay for hosting. Their contributions are still remembered and greatly appreciated.

Unfortunately, ClutchFans is at a crossroads once again. Recently, the site made the move to a new server. The new host creates a much more stable environment which the old host simply could not provide. In addition, many of you know that the BBS message forum is hosted on a completely different server which has been nothing but great since moving there. As the saying goes, you get what you pay for, and as such, the cost is significantly higher.

The financial burden of hosting for ClutchFans as well as the demands of the site on me personally have caused me to re-evaluate my approach to this site. In the past, I have had offers to help support the site financially. Some would have meant altering the site to provide better space for advertisers and the like. Being a fan site, however, means not having to answer to anyone but the visitors and that really appeals to me. ClutchFans' friends, fans and visitors have also asked on multiple occassions how they can help and I have generally said, "Thanks, but I'm handling it fine." Things change.

The dramatic expansion of the site means I need your help and support to keep it running. This site is a place where people from all over the world can read about the Rockets and interact with other fans. I want to continue to make it a source of pride for Rocket fans across the globe and I would greatly appreciate any help and support you could provide to that end.

At the top of this page is a link to PayPal. Consider it a "tip jar" for ClutchFans. It will allow you to contribute via credit card to a fund that will directly support keeping the site running. Anything you contribute will be more than appreciated.

     A sincere thanks for all your support,